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Program Notes

Solarium is a one movement work commissioned by the Harmony Ridge Brass Center in 1995. The term solarium is derived from solar - the sun. A solarium is a room which is exposed to the sun. The room would be drenched in sun light, very bright, radiant, and filled with energy

The work is in four sections. The Allegro Energico which opens the piece introduces most of the musical material. The overall concept here is one of total ensemble, with rhythmic precision and clarity. The next section the Moderato (con moto) is more quite and contemplative. This section is introduced by the solo piano and joined by the brass with solemn chant like figures. There is a return to the Allegro Energico section only this time there is new material here. Then finally the opening statement is introduced once more, there is a brief reflection from the Moderato section, then the Coda. Premiered by members of the New York Philharmonic (Philip Smith - Trumpet, Jerome Ashby - Horn, Joseph Alessi - Trombone, Warren Deck - Tuba)