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  • Duration 6 min
  • Year 1999
  • Instrumentation solo trumpet, trombone and band (piano reduction by the composer)
    Written for Phil Smith and Joe Alessi
  • Publisher C. Alan Publications

Program Notes

Written on commission in 2000 for the University of New Mexico Wind Symphony for Philip Smith and Joseph Alessi.

This six-minute piece explores the rhythmic, melodic and syncopated elements of the Spanish fandango dance form (A lively dance in triple time for two dancers). The work divides itself into three sections:

The first is a combination of lively melodic and articulated interplay between the trumpet, trombone and wind symphony.

There is a stately chorale in the woodwinds that opens section two. The trombone adds itself to this material culminating in a short cadenza leading into the third section.

Section three is a basic recap of the opening material, but this time the soloists work the themes into a canon. There is a brief return of the chorale, this time for full ensemble, and then a fast coda reiterating the work's various rhythmic elements.

- Joseph Turrin